The One-Eyed Men

When they're pestering you with sketches and stories, Alex, Sam and Ben are collectively known as The One-Eyed Men.

When they're not doing that, they're collectively known as "those guys who hang around outside Budgens, selling pogs".

You can see them doing the former in Edinburgh or at their monthly night in Stockwell.

Keep your distance from The One-Eyed Men

The One-Eyed Men

In November 2004, three fourteen year-old boys were sitting in a quarantined geography lesson suffering from severe head lice. Ben Anderson (dangerous chin), Alex Kempton (needs to shave) and Sam Jacobsen (little cartoon boy) had little clue that this would be the start of the finest comedy group in year nine, The One-Eyed Men.

Originally a five piece known as Politically Erect, the boys set about filming their raucous tomfoolery and forcing others to watch it by threatening them with their trusty nit combs. Upon leaving school they turned their attention to live comedy and went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to seek their fortune. The One-Eyed Men, as they now call themselves, are still seeking their funny fortune and run their own sketch/character comedy night in Stockwell.

Will they ever find it? (Their fortune that is, not Stockwell.) You'll have to come to their shows to find out. Just don't sit too close... or shake their hands... or lend them your hat.

The One-Eyed Men's Cult of Lactos

The One-Eyed Men's Friendship Formula - Sketches and Stories From Three Best Buddies

Join the One-Eyed Men's new cult today! They've dedicated their lives to the worship of the great prophet Barry Ashworth, inventor of long-life milk! It's just a matter of time until Prophet Barry returns to Earth on his nuclear-space-boomerang to save the righteous and pasteurise the wicked! He hasn't shown up yet but he will, any day now, honest...

Edinburgh Fringe Details

Press Peeps: Press Pack (Dropbox)

The One-Eyed Men's Land of the Blind

The One-Eyed Men on stage at Land of the Blind

They say: "In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king." That means that on the second Sunday of every month these fellows (The One-Eyed Men) are kings (bumbling hosts) of their land (small theatre at the back of a pub in Stockwell).

Some tremendous acts have graced the stage of The Cavendish Arms for Land of the Blind (none of whom you would describe as 'blind'). Holly Burn, Trevor Lock, Doctor Brown, Jacob Edwards and many more have all been extremely funny at the night Spoonfed dubbed as one of London's top-five sketch comedy nights. So there.

What they're saying

Weird and wonderful and really, really funny

The Skinny

London's Best Sketch/Character Comedy Night - Top Five


A very clever, astute and funny group of performers

The Skinny

There is a pleasant grubiness to the group

Three Weeks

Two of them sported beards

Fringe Review

Talky Talky

If you're super modern, you can send an inbox message via the Facebook page. If that's not your thing, The One-Eyed-Men email address is:

All public love/hate can be sent to us via a wall post on the Facebook page, the trio are glad to have any kind of interaction. Fan art is their favourite, preferably oil paintings or collages. No watercolours.

Friendship Awaits